Today’s media companies face challenges in readerships, circulation and advertising revenue.

To stay competitive in these changing times, Gannett is undergoing a massive sales workflow centralization project. The project has helped the media giant book business at a faster pace, reduce its turnaround times and improve customer service.  

AdMonster’s Senior Editor, Gavin Dunaway, recently sat down with Brooke Zapata, VP of Sales Development, and Rick Baker, VP of Commerce Solutions at Gannett. They discussed how OrderHub, an entry system built on top of the Mediaspectrum platform, has allowed them to integrate their CRM, digital fulfillment systems, and billing to create a single-entry order system for its 92 – and growing – properties.  

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • How Gannett gained efficiencies, such as taking a 58-minute process for digital orders down to just 8 minutes
  • Gannett’s new, consultative sales approach that uses data and insights to drive revenue
  • Why introducing a workflow allowed Gannett to standardize its digital rate card and make selling easier
  • The shift in focus from selling banner ads by size to holistically meeting local advertisers’ marketing and audience objectives
  • How the centralization effort has changed the role and perception of ops

Click here to read the full interview and learn how Gannett is leveraging Mediaspectrum to streamline its workflow and drive revenue across more channels.  

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