When it comes to helping customers succeed,  a shot of adrenaline can sometimes come in handy.  That was exactly the case this week as Mediaspectrum’s Adrenalin mobile delivery platform helped achieve record-breaking success for customers,  DMG Media and Trinity Mirror

Two Adrenalin powered mobile apps, Mail Plus and The Mirror, snagged the top two spots in this week’s UK App Store.  That’s no small feat with the market bursting at the seams with apps of all shapes and sizes.  

Trinity Mirror launched its mobile strategy in 2012, and has since seen significant digital revenue growth, pleasing customers and investors alike.  The same is true for DMG Media’s Daily Mail newspaper as shown by the latest performance of its Mail Plus apps.  In fact, the company’s  paid app outperformed its competitors in both downloads and gross revenue.  They’re giving readers what they want and it’s paying off.  

Publishers seek new technologies to reach mobile audiences.

With a world population of more than 7 billion people who demand instant access to news and information, investing in new mobile technologies is essential.  This is especially true for the media industry as publishers focus on innovating and reinventing their businesses to reach audiences across every property on every device.

Mobile media is particularly important to millennials, as 94% of all 18-34 year olds own smartphones. Successfully reaching this audience requires a move to mobile technology – something that millennials seem more willing than other generations to pay for.  Approximately 40% of millennials are using paid subscriptions to access some form of digital news and 70% are getting their newspapers online at least once a month.  Studies also show that millennials value and seek out online newspaper advertising.  What’s key is taking the time to understand the type of news and content they want and then making sure it’s optimized for delivery via the apps and devices of their choice.  

Making the move to mobile.

Despite the demand for mobile apps, approximately 45% of publishers have yet to make the move to mobile content creation.  The UK’s Trinity Mirror and DMG Media are reaping the rewards for taking the leap.  Their custom apps are compatible with Android and Apple devices and are connecting both companies with readers in a way that’s value added and relevant. As the demand for mobile apps continues to grow, it’s important that more news organizations follow their lead and respond to the ever changing content distribution needs of audiences worldwide.   

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Adrenalin enables publishers to quickly and easily enter the mobile market. In just a few simple steps, they can create a branded application that includes a customized icon, splash screen, and logo. Publisher-selected fonts, colors, and content categories further enhance the application’s distinct look and feel. Content is managed and fed via Mediaspectrum ContentWatch based on parameters established and easily maintained by the publisher.

To learn more about how Adrenalin and ContentWatch can help you reach your readers anytime, anywhere and on any device, contact us today.  


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