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Today’s consumers have more ways than ever to get their information. And online sources pump out news at a lightening-fast pace that print publications struggle to keep up.

With so many consumers getting their news on-the-go, is it still worth to target audiences via ad inserts?  

The answer may surprise you …

Print Ads Influence Consumers and Enhance Brand Recognition


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Printed ad inserts reach 70 million people each Sunday. These readers often check the inserts when they make their weekly shopping lists.

Many consumers prefer newspaper ads to other types of advertising. In fact, 39% of U.S. adult, Internet users prefer newspapers to the web and direct mail for receiving ad inserts and fliers. The majority of these respondents use ad inserts to learn about sales, save time and money, and clip coupons. Fifty-six percent of respondents said that they peruse ad inserts simply because it’s part of their routine.

Since readers browse print ads at a much slower pace than they scan online ads, taking out regular ad inserts can enhance brand recognition.  

It’s no wonder that ad inserts still account for up to 50% of a local newspaper’s profits.

Even Millennials who constantly use their smart phones see the value of print. Recent research has shown that Millennials are far more likely to read printed books than ebooks. Although this data focuses on books, it implies that Millennials also find other types of printed information valuable.


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Digital Circulars Don’t Attract Readers

Since the cost of running print ads is so high, many retailers have experimented with online circulars.

However, the results are less than thrilling.

According to Wanderful Media, fewer than 1% of the people who read online newspapers click through to the digital circulars. This is in sharp contrast to the 80% of print newspaper readers who look at the circulars.

And here’s an interesting experiment …

The Wall Street Journal reported that Wal-Mart ran a printed vs. online circular test. The retailer redirected its circular budget to digital advertising in a few markets. In all of these markets, store traffic dropped during the test. Wal-Mart quickly restored its circulars.   

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A Balanced Advertising Approach Is the Best Approach

Digital advertising can help you reach more consumers, increase your brand recognition, and drive visitors to your website. It’s critical for reaching the right customers at the right time on the right platform.

However, the old-fashioned ad insert still has its place.

Pursuing opportunities in digital media doesn’t have to mean abandoning print. To maximize your reach and impact, it’s best to use a strategy that combines both digital and print advertising.

After all, it takes many touches before a consumer recognizes your brand. When consumers receive your emails, visit your website, read your ad inserts, and see your commercials, they will be more likely to make a purchase than if they only interacted with you via a single channel.

Multi-channel advertising requires a deep understanding of consumers – knowing where and how they get their information.

Mediaspectrum provides a customizable end-to-end ad platform for integrated collaboration, management, and analytics. Our full-service solutions take you from start to finish in the advertising lifecycle, and ensure that you reach customers across every channel possible, including print, web, mobile, video, and beyond.

Are you taking advantage of the opportunities available in print and digital?

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