Morris Communications has over 60 daily and non-daily publications, mostly concentrated in the southeastern United States. They are a great example of a customer that has completely replatformed their entire system architecture by moving to the Mediaspectrum Cloud.

Morris with a key eye on multi-channel revenue growth has implemented the entire Mediaspectrum stack, ContentWatch and Adrenalin provided them with the foundation to easily push content to every output and every device.

The result has been clear. In the last two years, they have seen massive mobile growth. This mobile growth is especially attractive to Morris for two major reasons.

First, there is almost no additional effort required to produce mobile versions of their content as it typically requires, only about 20 minutes per day to add all the additional digital enhancements to each issue.

Second, there are multitude of ways for Morris to additionally monetize this mobile content. Everything from high value, high dollar interstitial advertising to mobile subscriptions and pay walls.

These options have made Morris’ mobile strategy a big success. In 2013, Morris’ rolling out Mediaspectrum sales to further streamline the order to invoice process, reduce costs and give them the flexibility to define critical new business models as they continue to innovate their digital offerings.