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Mediaspectrum, Inc.® today announced that Metro Media Publishing (MMP) has selected the Mediaspectrum platform to transform its approach for managing content and advertising throughout their operations.

The decision followed MMP’s 2012 merger with Fairfax Community Newspapers in Victoria, Australia, after which the newly joint enterprise recognized their dependence on a wide range of IT systems to support various advertising, content and publishing needs.  Consolidation became a priority, as was investing in a future-proof technology that will seize both new and yet-to-come media channels and revenue opportunities.

Only Mediaspectrum offered MMP a complete and end-to-end Cloud solution to truly integrate their complete digital value chain.

“This has been an exciting time of change and growth for MMP, as our business has evolved from publishing the popular The Weekly Review franchise to now encompass more than 15 top quality magazines and newspapers in the region,” said Damian Mansour, CTO at Metro Media Publishing.  “We were fortunate to be introduced to the premier functionality and flexibility that Mediaspectrum’s platform provides. Already in early implementation, we have eliminated the need for disparate and legacy systems throughout the organization – to centrally manage content and ad commerce via Mediaspectrum’s single solution. With their digital expertise and success at an impressive roster of customers, we’re building our future on this technology.”

The Mediaspectrum Sales, AdWatch and ContentWatch business solutions allow media companies to manage the entire lifecycle of multi-channel content and advertising in a highly effective and efficient manner.  Built using 100 percent pure Web-services, the platform provides a unique environment for publishers to consolidate solutions and take advantage of opportunities in digital and beyond.  Its solutions are available either on-demand or on-premise, to remove workflow complexities and significantly reduce costs of running a multi-channel media business.

“More and more of the largest media companies are turning to Mediaspectrum to restructure their operations, and the reasoning is straightforward – we deliver the most flexible platform that drives massive ROI and business value for media leaders,” said Scott Killoh, CEO at Mediaspectrum.

About Mediaspectrum
Mediaspectrum is the premier technology for companies seeking to plan, execute, publish and analyze advertising and content across the media spectrum. Our 100% cloud-based platform provides a unique environment to consolidate and achieve these objectives, streamlining processes and managing content in order to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve the customer experience. Mediaspectrum is a Boston-based company with approximately 100 employees worldwide, with additional offices in London, Moscow, Sydney and Lausanne. We are found on the Web at www.mediaspectrum.net/.

About Metro Media Publishing
Metro Media Publishing (MMP) publishes and distributes 15 high quality community magazines and newspapers, including the highly successful The Weekly Review franchise, to 1 million homes in metropolitan Melbourne. It also owns a suite of digital assets, including the national property portal, reviewproperty.com.au, now a significant player in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

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