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From publishing content to mobile devices and websites, posting content to social media or paginating stories for print, ContentWatch provides your modern newsroom with the tools needed to get the job done. Working as a team, content creators can collaborate to package, customize, and manipulate all content to best fit the target channel for maximal impact — all from a single, browser-based environment that is accessible from any location or device.



Why waste time and money jumping from tool to tool, application to application when all of it can live under a single, unified roof? Integrations with different platforms and solutions are made simple through ContentWatch. Export, import, transform, normalize and action data to and from any 3rd party system with our open web services architecture.

“Our tools have to meet the needs of all platforms and products, and they have to encourage our staff to do the right thing at the right moment in the right medium.

ContentWatch serves all of our Publishing Group’s business units, and by integrating directly with Drupal, our reporters and editors can work in a single environment while supporting dozens of products, both print and digital, with robust versioning, instant Web publication when desired, and precise presentational control.”

– Leading U.S. media organization & ContentWatch user




Simple Content Authoring
Publishers set predefined content permissions and functionality to efficiently manage editorial workflows across teams. Our browser-based content editor allows you to compose, edit, upload, workflow, package and post to multiple channels from any device.


User-Friendly Interface
The modern design and user-friendly ContentWatch interface creates an engaging experience that is optimized across devices. Less complexity means more efficiency, fewer errors and a better-served audience.



On-Demand Scalability
Integration with Drupal provides a highly scalable solution capable of handling the most demanding, media-rich, and high-traffic websites and mobile devices.


Mobile Responsive Design
Easily create and deploy mobile responsive sites and applications that optimize visitor experiences on multiple devices.


Track content engagement across all channels to more effectively — and immediately — interact with your audience. Knowing how audiences are using the content further helps you deliver focused content and advertising, simultaneously increasing revenue and managing resources and production costs.


Legality and accountability are real concerns of the modern publishing world. ContentWatch keeps track of every user interaction with every version of every document, creating a complete audit trail for all your content. If needed, users can rollback to any version at any time with a few quick clicks. For added peace of mind, we set up a local back-up repository of your entire content library.