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A Modern, Scalable Cloud Environment



Core Cloud offers world-class hosting facilities for our clients. Our clouds are hosted in Tier 3+ data centers located in New Jersey, USA and Frankfurt, Germany. Each facility provides dual power feeds to the datacenter, 6 redundant generators with a fuel supply to run the datacenter for 14 days. The facilities include physical security staff monitoring the entire datacenter 24x7x365.


Core Cloud typically offers “private clouds”. Private clouds have many advantages over the public cloud including:


Our private clouds are dedicated to a client. The hardware, data storage and network can be designed to assure high levels of security that cannot be accessed by other clients in the same data center.


PCI, HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley compliance is extremely difficult if not impossible to be delivered through a public cloud deployment. In the private cloud the hardware, storage and network configuration is dedicated to a single client, compliance is significantly easier, faster and cheaper to achieve.


Unlike in the public cloud, the private cloud allows hardware performance, network performance and storage performance to be specified and customized to your business needs.


If you require custom or dedicated server(s) to run a custom application(s), that hardware can be integrated into a private cloud, in effect, hybridizing the solution between virtual servers and dedicated servers. This can’t be achieved in a public cloud.


In the public cloud, you lose control of upgrade and maintenance schedules as you are forced into the timeframes of the cloud provider. With the private cloud, we can work with you to define upgrade and maintenance windows to minimize disruption to your business.


We traditionally run mission critical applications for our clients that require minimal to no outages. This demands a premium cloud infrastructure. All Nymbus customer clouds consist of:

• Oracle databases • IBM Websphere application servers • EMC VNX 5300 High Speed Storage • Cisco Networking • IBM Servers • VMWare • Citrix Netscaler Load Balancer • Nagios Monitoring • Riverbeds Steelhead accelerators • Email Services for bulk messaging • 1500 Gbytes of bandwidth


We offer a highly skilled team of cloud specialists and architects to manage networking, IT processes, databases, application servers, reporting tools and other critical IT functions. Our team ensures cloud computing best practices are followed and applied. This includes system monitoring, upgrading the software and performing standard system maintenance, setting up new servers, providing fail-over exercises, dealing with 3rd party system vendors (Oracle, IBM, VMWare, etc).