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Digital Revenue Solutions

Turn on a New Revenue Stream


A turn-key packaged solution combining
Sales Enablement, Programmatic Display, Native, PPC, Facebook/Instagram and HTML5 Banner
creative production.

Programmatic Display

Programmatic display is the fastest growing
digital advertising tool on the market,
offering incredible audience targeting solutions
that drive campaign results.
Add it to your marketing services portfolio today!

Social Media

Social media plays a central role in
today’s digital marketing landscape.
AffinityX offers paid social media campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram, and helps you align your clients’ social media presence across numerous platforms.


Offer your clients a fast, effective way to drive traffic to their websites with search engine marketing (SEM) for Google pay-per-click campaigns (including call tracking).

Responsive Websites

Building and launching a website is one of the toughest obstacles for SMBs to overcome. We offer SMB marketing consultation, website design and SEO-optimized copy to ensure that your clients are happy with the end product.

Responsive Landing Pages

Responsive landing pages are the perfect solution for creating a web destination for mobile consumers. The pages can accompany any programmatic display campaign, generate leads and provide a click-through destination with a focused campaign message.

We’ve designed our cloud-based order management, ad operations
and collaboration systems to deliver high quality, high volume,
fast-turn marketing services that move mountains for SMBs.

Creativity is a Beautiful Thing

Mediaspectrum delivers a full range of quality, fast-turn creative and design projects.

It’s Time To Get Personal

If you’ve made it this far, you’re at least a little interested in how we could help your business. The fastest way to get customized information on Mediaspectrum solutions is to contact us now. Clicking this button is the first step.

Global Clientele

Mediaspectrum has enjoyed over 100 implementations on all continents with some of the largest companies by transaction volume in the world

We are honored to have worked with clients such as

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