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There are so many amazing media companies out there. As you get to know each organization, often a unique characteristic jumps out at you. Recently we’ve been fortunate enough to start working with Wiley and that characteristic is “smart”.

Wiley believes the most successful people “Never stop learning”. They offer solutions to help organizations and individuals succeed. Wiley strengthens the research community, provides content and consulting to higher education and collaborates with authors, societies and libraries to provide scholarly insights that are helping to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Here at Mediaspectrum, we’ve been selected by Wiley to help solve some of their challenges; namely creating a more efficient advertising sales and fulfillment workflow across their global business. Like other media organizations, Wiley is looking to simplify complex user processes across various, distinct advertising products and services. As part of this new project, Wiley will use the Mediaspectrum platform and our Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) technology to create huge efficiencies in their business across proposal management, advertising inventory controls, sales approvals, ad operations and enterprise collaboration. The Mediaspectrum solution will be launched across Wiley’s various locations in North America, Europe and AsiaPac.

While our contribution may be minor compared to Wiley’s global ambition to help people solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, we feel fortunate, and smarter, for just being a small part of it.

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