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Trinity’s Own Journalists See the Benefits of Improved Mobile Communications

Jan 31, 2012 — CIO Magazine reporter Julian Goldsmith speaks with Trinity Mirror CIO Toney Pusey about the technology required for modern newspapers. Excerpts follow:

  • Although the newspaper business evokes the sights and sound of the presses, more than the quiet hum of web servers, it has been Trinity Mirror CIO Tony Pusey’s task over the last few years to gear up the company’s technology so that it can compete in the fast moving digital media world.
  • He maintains that he has managed to change the company’s corporate culture so that everyone there appreciates how critical the IT element is to its survival.
  • “In fact we term it the technology-led operating model, and that new model is based around centralised, virtualised web services-based technology.”
  • Providing the core editorial and publishing applications is a specialist content management system vendor called Mediaspectrum…Pusey has been working with Mediaspectrum to fine-tune its hosted ContentWatch application, which enables editorial teams to channel content freely to multiple media formats, be it print, web or mobile.
  • “We are reviewing and revamping the whole of our WAN and LAN, voice mobile communications facility, implementing VoIP, integrating it with mobile and alongside that introducing new collaborative solutions like Google apps to facilitate a much easier and better mobile working.”
  • Pusey notes that he came up against a great deal of hostility from journalists in his efforts to shift the company away from a print-media focus, but even they recognised the benefits of improved mobile communications.
  • As the pace of news-gathering has increased, it is critical that Trinity’s journalists are able to access editorial and publishing systems wherever they are in the world.

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