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Apr 30, 2013 — Momentum for Trinity Mirror’s mobile strategy continues to build, as UK audiences have recently ranked its Daily Mirror as the top news source for delivering the most successful apps for mobile readers. Trinity’s Daily Mirror is among several of the publisher’s leading publications built and powered on Mediaspectrum’s mobile platform, Adrenalin.

As previously reported by Press Gazzette’s Carolina Are:

With more than half Britons now owning smartphones and tablet computer sales rocketing – Press Gazette has carried out an audit of the UK’s leading national news providers to find out how ‘multi-platform’ they are.

Most newspapers have created an iPhone, iPad and Android app. While most iPhone and iPad apps only offer a free trial version and then require a subscription, most apps on Google’s Android operating system for tablets and mobile phones are free, with the exception of The Sun.

The Guardian and BBC’s iPhone apps are most rated by Apple users. However, taking into account ratings submitted by iPad and Android app users – the Mirror app is the most successful.

National news providers have different strategies when it comes to the reading experience offered to mobile website users.

The Sun, Mail Online and Times – for instance – do not offer a mobile-optimised version of their website while The Guardian, BBC, Independent and the Telegraph do.

The Financial Times pulled its apps out of the Apple App Store in 2011 after losing a battle to control consumer data and instead created its own app for iPhone and iPad and for Android.

By adding up the various average scores submitted by iPhone, iPad and Android App users on the Apple Store and Google Play we’ve listed the top UK national news providers by popularity. Because the FT has its own platform we haven’t been able to give it a user-rating.

We also give publishers a bonus point if their website automatically resizes for mobile users (although some may intentionally offer a poor mobile browsing experience to encourage take-up of their apps).

To read the full report including detailed ratings, visit Press Gazzette here: http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/uks-top-news-websites-iphone-ipad-and-tablet-mobile-devices