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Simplifying cross media proposal generation and standardizing print rating top of mind.

Gannett, the largest publisher in the United States, recently rolled out a powerful set of tools aimed at optimizing the sales process and making deals easier to close. Built on the Mediaspectrum Sales Pro platform, Gannett’s army of salespeople across the United States now have a really quick and intuitive way to create custom proposals right in front of the client. The proposal generated is based on an advertiser’s goal – metrics like growth, brand awareness, budget, demographic and more. By answering a few simple questions, the Gannett salesperson can produce a proposal that finds the best marketing channels for that specific advertiser’s business. This allows Gannett to work with their clients to define quarterly campaign strategies based on the most effective marketing programs. Once the proposals are accepted, with just a few clicks the salespeople convert those details into an order in Mediaspectrum Sales Pro, their order management and workflow system for all media channels.

Another recent milestone for Gannett was the consolidation of print rates. This last technology roll out included a new print rate card structure that will bring standardization across all Gannett’s 106 markets. Print rates are notorious for being complex and hard to understand. Previously, each Gannett market had unique rating rules and workflow for print which often included custom rates by customer, products and more. With the new rating rules, built on Mediaspectrum’s pricing engine, Gannett is providing a single corporate-wide structure that offers “easy to understand” pricing to their clients with deep discounts for metrics like frequency of advertising; a proven and highly effective way to build customer loyalty.

Gannett continues to be a pioneer in the use of technology to facilitate digital revenue growth and streamlining business processes. If you’d like to learn more about how Mediaspectrum can help your organization, reach out and contact us today.