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What is a Rules Engine Anyway, and Why is it So Important to Salespeople?

Many businesses run a rules engine to automate systems, maintain information and keep their programming code clean. A rules engine is simply a tool formatted in an if/then conditional format that gives you a different way to look at, and solve, a problem outside of using general-purpose programming languages. As a software system separate from the application code, it allows users to handle and modify rules related to company policies, legal regulations, industry standards, and more quickly and easily.

And while a rules engines is important to stay updated and organized, it’s also an essential tool for salespeople.

Why? It can…

Trigger events to enhance the customer experience.

A rules engine can detect a business situation and trigger an event. For example, if a customer logs into your system and enters specific criteria, your system knows what kind of information to specifically share with that potential customer and the sales team.

Your salespeople can use this data to cater to the needs of that potential customer quickly. In the same way, customers seamlessly connect with the information and contacts they need to handle their specific questions.

Handle all leads accordingly.

With specific rules in place, all leads coming into the business can be taken care of in a timely manner for maximum profit. Once the criteria is set, new leads can be routed to the appropriate salesperson with detailed information. The sales channel for each potential lead can be tracked, monitored and finalized to see what sales processes are effective and which ones need to be updated for optimal results.

Simplify the buying process.

If you want to provide specific discounts, advertising fees, affiliate information and more to customers, a rules engine can set these policies to occur automatically. For example, we use a computer-based integrated advertising-management-platform that can implement ad-pricing options via a Business Rules Management System. Here, the rules engine enables rules-based pricing to cover all of the possible option-combinations without having to use or store massive, rate tables.

With this system, a potential customer selects their choices via an online, ad-booking form. The rules engine checks the pricing rules in the background. Then, it automatically displays the current price and updated, remaining options.

Make changes quickly and easily.

The healthcare, media, financial, and retail industries are constantly changing. With a rules engine, you can make fast changes in relation to new industry-requirements, company policies, marketing campaigns, and more. This helps you stay up-to-date. But more important, it enables you to meet the changing needs of your customers.

Use a rules engine to increase sales.

Although the technology behind a rules engine is established, the way it is being used today is new territory. By setting up the appropriate rules engine, you can use it to trigger events, handle leads effectively, simplify the buying process, and make changes quickly and easily. Your sales team will be more efficient in meeting customer needs and increase profits in the process.

With this in mind, what are you going to do today to create a rules engine that helps your team boost sales?

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